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Lab and Industrial Furnace

Laboratory Heat Treatment Muffle Furnace

1. SECC steel plate with fine powder paint processing outside and high temperature ceramic silicon carbide inside.
2. Top heating element,long working life.
3. Imported PID digital thermometer, accurate temperature control, simple operation.
4. Fast heating and cooling, economica and quick.
5. Over-temperature protection, over load automatic power-off system.
6. Cyclic system: thermal radiation automatic power-off system.
7. Able to pass gases.
8. Temperature controller: PID microcomputer control, automatic constant temperature,rapid temperature compensation.
9. Timer:start timing when temperature achieves, power-off and alarm when time is over.
10. Specifications can be customized according to customer specified.

Laboratory heat treatment muffle furnace for special baking process can be used for aging test of electronic components and plastic chemical products together with iron preheat, quenching, burn, stewing, annealing, ashing test, concise and other high fever processing experiment,ect.

Application of muffle furnace, box furnace, chamber furnace, are widely used in the fields of metallurgy, ceramics, glass, machinery, analysis test, semiconductor, science & research and so on.

Industrial furnace/kilns

vacuum furnace, quenching furnace, annealing furnace,box furnaces

Industrial electric heat treatment furnace
(1)Application:the production is a continuous working furnace,can complete the carburizing ,quenching and tempering heating treatment. Suitable for sheet carburizing , sheet carburizing and quenching of the standard parts industry,Automobile, motorcycle, bicycle industry,Hardware industry,Textile machinery industry ,etc.

(2)Composition of the production line:composed with RWQ-120-10 model continuous mesh belt conveyor bright and smooth carburizing(quenching) furnace,quenching oil tank and FXL-60-5 continuous mesh belt conveyor tempering furnace. The products can automatically complete the carburizing,quenching and tempering process by the machine.

1.rated heating power:120kw
3.rated temperature:1050℃
4.effective heating dimension:4600(L)x400(W)x100(H)mm
5.overall dimension:7500(L)x1900(W)x1900(H)mm