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Application of Heating Elements:

For Industrial furnaces and laboratory furnace and ovens:

industry furnace industry furnace laboratory furnaces

Industrial application:

  • Used for magnetic industry
  • Used for ceramics industry
  • Used for metallurgy industry
  • Used for machinery industry
  • Used for dental industry

Application of Ferrite Cores:

     •Largest application of suppression ferrites
     •Industrial, computer, telecom,medical, aerospace applications
     •Materials: #43; #44; #31; #61; #73;#51,#46
     •Shield beads, snap-on cores and flat cable beads

Application of Amorphous Materials:

1. Fe-based ultracrystalline(Nanocrystalline) 1K107
Main ingredients:Fe, Si, Nb, B, Cu

can replace silicon steel, permalloy and ferrite, as various forms of high-frequency(20kHz-100kHz) .The big,medium and small power of the main transformer, control transformer, filter inductor, inductor, choke, magnetic amplifiers, saturable reactor core, EMC filter inductor common mode and differential mode inductance core, ISDN miniature isolation transformer core in the switching power supply ; also widely used in all types of different precision of the transformer core .

2. Fe-based amorphous 1K101
Main ingredients :Fe, Si, B

•Be used as the core of ring without incision in switching power supply filtering outputting inductor, differential-mode inputting inductorBe used as the noise suppression for car audio, core without incision of car guided systems choke ring

• Be used as the core annular incision of air-conditioning, plasma TV in the power factor correction PFC 

• Be used as the high-frequency rectangular cutting core of switching power supplies,uninterruptible power supplies and other high-frequency transformer
• Be used as the core ring without incision of IGBTs, MOSFETs, and GTOs pulse transformer
• Be used as stator and turn of high power density variable speed electric motor, generator