UL Type MoSi2 Heater

UL Type MoSi2 Heater


UL Type Molybdenum Disilicide(MoSi2) Heating Elements tube


High-power electric molybdenum disilicide (MoSi2) heating elements for element temperatures up to 1900°C . Microsuper MoSi2 heating elements is a high-tech product researched and developed by experts from China and abroad with self-propagating high-temperature synthesis processing.Microsuper MoSi2 heating elements can quickly form a thin and adhesive anti-oxidizing layer of quartz glass (SiO2),under the high temperature oxidizing condition.If the protected layer was damaged,the elements can reform a new one,so Microsuper MoSi2 heating elements has a very good anti-oxidation properties.It also means that the heating elements can be used on operation for much longer time than traditional ones.



Aluminium Industry Primary Alu. production and processing of secondary aluminium
Ceramics Industry Production of traditional and functional ceramics
Diffusion Furnaces Diffusion and LPCVD furnaces for manufacturing of crystalline silicon wafers
Glass Industry Production of float glass, flat glass, container glass, fiberglass, glass tubing and art glass
Heat Treatment furnaces Furnace for heat treatment of steel and other metallic materials.
Home Appliances Industry Generation, measurement and control of heat in home appliance

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