DB Type SiC Heater

DB Type SiC Heater


OL: Overall Length

OD: Diameter of Cold Zone

OD1:Diameter of Hot Zone

HZ: Length of Hot Zone

 CZ: Length of Cold Zone

DB Dumbbell Type Silicon Carbide(SiC)Heating Elements Rods

General Description

The silicon carbide (SiC) heating elements rod is a kind of non-metal high temperature electrical resistant heating element. It is made of super quality green silicon carbide, which is made into blank, solid rod under high temperature and re-crystallized. Compared with metal electrical heating elements, this element takes advantages of high-applied temperature, anti-oxidization, anti-corrosion, long service life, little deformation, easy installation and maintenance. Therefore, it is widely used in various high temperature electric furnaces/oven/kilns for laboratory use or industrial use and other industrial heating devices, such as in the industries of magnet, ceramics, powder metallurgy, glass, metallurgy and machinery etc.

Size Specification

OL: Overall Length

OD: Diameter of Cold Zone

OD1:Diameter of Hot Zone

HZ: Length of Hot Zone

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Aluminium Industry Primary Alu. production and processing of secondary aluminium
Ceramics Industry Production of traditional and functional ceramics
Diffusion Furnaces Diffusion and LPCVD furnaces for manufacturing of crystalline silicon wafers
Glass Industry Production of float glass, flat glass, fiberglass, glass tubing and art glass
Heat Treatment furnaces Furnace for heat treatment of steel and other metallic materials.
Home Appliances Industry Generation, measurement and control of heat in home appliance


Different Types of SiC heater

ED rod equal diameter Silicon carbide heating elements

DB dumbbell Silicon carbide heating elements

Single spiral Silicon carbide heating elements

Double spiral Silicon carbide heating elements

H type Silicon carbide heating elements

Gun type Silicon carbide heating elements

U type Silicon carbide heating elements

W type Silicon carbide heating elements

DM door like type Silicon carbide heating elements


Our Silicon carbide(SiC) heating elements mainly exported to Russia,Turkey,India,especially Russia which have takes a great marketing share,and the popular types in Russia marketing are DB dumbbell type and ED rod type.

Referance for DB type SiC heating rods

Hot Zone Cold Zone Overall Length Resistance at 1400℃
Dia (mm)  Length (mm) Surface(mm)  Dia (mm) Length (mm)
8 150-180 38-45 14 60-150 300-480 3.6-4.4
14 200-400 11-176 22 250-350 750-1100 1.8-3.5
18 250-800 141-452 28 250-350 750-1500 1.3-4.6
25 300-400 236-314 35 400 1100-1200 1.0-1.34
30 500-1000 472-942 45 400-600 1300-2000 1.1-2.1


Steel Frame hanging wooden box package for SiC heater Elements:


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